Remarkably Fresh and Interesting Scarf-Styling Tips, Courtesy of Zara

Welcome to our second Zara appreciation post in less than 30 days. Apologies for fangirling, but as mentioned previously, despite various well-documented missteps (and accusations of plagiarism), we hold the Inditex-owned fast fashion chain close to our hearts. Why? The retailer consistently packs its would-be shelves with chic, affordable runway dupes, plus its stylists are seriously gifted.

Case in point: whilst in search of cold-weather accessories to help keep our extremities warm this winter — that is, until we inevitably lose them, “them” being the accessories, not our fingers, toes, etc. — we were struck by the brand’s ability to imbue its patented cool-girl aesthetic into even the most seemingly humdrum items. Namely scarves.

Of course, such a feat is easier to accomplish with scarves than, say, gloves or hats. After all, scarves, while not wholly unnecessary, can be made redundant by turtlenecks and high collars and sweaters, allowing us to wrap, twist and tuck as we please, gaps in coverage be damned. For many (Rihanna is an obvious example), they’re more decoration than a means of insulation.

We could go on and on about the versatility of the scarf, the many ways to style and tie it but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Click through the gallery above for 16 remarkably inventive ways to wear a scarf, courtesy of the stylists at Zara. Your winter accessorizing game is about to level up.

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