Style Diary: How Sceney DJ-Turned-Designer May Kwok Styles Her Day

If you think DJs sleep all day and party all night, well, you may be right, but that’s certainly not the case with athleisure- and workout-obsessed May Kwok. A typical day for the stylish scenester starts at 4:30 a.m.

“I brew some coffee, organize and pack up my outfits for the day,” Kwok says. “I’ll have a light breakfast as well and then head to the Rockaways for a quick morning surf — there’s nothing more soothing, cleansing and relaxing than starting my day in the ocean.” And, yes, she goes surfing in the winter. If it’s really too cold to surf, Kwok is all about high-intensity training. “I love mixing intense strength training, HIIT, mobility work, boxing and running…I love to do it all!” She’ll then typically head back to her home turf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to work.

“After a day’s work at The Gathery, I’ll normally either attend an event or DJ one. I’ll end my day with a nice healthy dinner and sleep.” This jet-setting, quintessential New York City lifestyle is exactly what drew Alala founder Denise Lee to Kwok when she first approached the brand about collaborating.

“Alala is a New York-based brand and May is a born and bred New Yorker,” says Lee, whose collection with Kwok, May All Day, launched earlier this month. “Moreover, her drive to pursue her many passions paired with her dedication to her career and family is truly the reflection of who the Alala woman is.” Fittingly, the just-launched capsule collection is designed to take women beyond the gym with Kwok pointing out that she wears her leggings just as often when she’s lounging about as when she’s working out at places like Barry’s Bootcamp.

Check out the above slideshow to see how this creative New Yorker styles her day.