Go Back to Basics With These 21 Best Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are as American as apple pie or the Kardashians. But lately, designers seem focused on “upgrading” our jeans. From Balenciaga’s new super bleached pair to Stella McCartney’s recent obsession with acid wash everything, you’d think there was something wrong with our trusty Levi’s and basic bootcuts.

While we’re all for embracing the latest and greatest trends, we find ourselves missing the types of jeans we sported back in the 90s when we were walking down our middle school halls like we were taking a turn on the catwalk. As adults, we long to give off that now trademark model-off-duty vibe where the models change out of those constricting runway clothes into a basic tee and blue jeans.

Despite all these denim upgrades, classic blue jeans are still widely available, if you know where to look. So we hunted down the best basic blue jeans — think boyfriend and girlfriend styles, slightly slouchy pairs, slim (read: not skinny) cuts and even a Cindy Crawford-endorsed set. And don’t just stick to the women’s department. You’d be surprised how great a pair of men’s jeans will fit your silhouette. (This is one time when you want a skinny version.)

Whether you’re searching for the perfect pair to round out your double denim look or dying for jeans to replicate that coveted MOD style, you’re sure to find a pair of basic blue jeans that fits in the slideshow above.

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