8 Up-and-Coming Clothing Brands It Girls Love (Plus, What to Buy From Them)

It may not feel like it yet on the East Coast but it is, in fact, spring. Even if we have to suffer through a few more weeks of wind chill and (indignity of all indignities) not-iced coffees, change is gonna come. All this to say, it’s time for a wardrobe refresh.

And when researching what to acquire during said end-of-winter shopping spree, where better to look than the closets of our favorite fashionable It girls who, when it comes to cool contemporary clothing brands, are always a step or five ahead of the pack? From the chicest tiny sunglasses maker in the game to a fun Vetements dupe, click through the slideshow above for eight up-and-coming clothing brands that every Insta-girl has in her closet, plus the pieces you need to own. And not to worry —  Hadid-approved as they may be, most of ’em are pretty affordable.

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