Splurge vs. Steal: 28 Ways to Save Money (or Not!) on Workout Clothes

Not everyone loves working out, but everyone has a better workout when they’re in a positive mindset. Case in point: Take an extra few minutes to put together an outfit you’d be fine taking a selfie in (not that you should be doing that while working out!) and you’re sure to notice your workouts improve. But finding that workout outfit that makes you feel great doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot on your look. In fact, even if you want designer workout clothes, you can score it at affordable prices if you’re willing to wait a few months.

Activewear has become such a huge industry that there’s rapid merchandise turnover, which is why there is always a ton of sale items (we’re talking 70 percent off or more in some cases) on designer sites like Carbon38 (the Net-a-Porter of activewear). You’ll also want to follow all your favorite brands on social media and sign up for their newsletters as brands like Alala and Athleta regularly have limited-time discounts announced via various channels. Signing up for a newsletter also usually comes with a 10 percent to 20 percent discount on your first order.

If there’s one thing you should always allow yourself to splurge on, however, it’s a great pair of sneakers. There are so many ways you can injure yourself, don’t let less-than-perfect sneakers be one of them. APL has been the sneaker brand for a few years now and the brand’s shoes are worth saving up for (or buying in every color if you have the means). While the signature style is meant for running, it works equally well for cross-training and just about any other type of workout. The brand is also responsible for the current monochromatic sneaker trend, the easiest style to transition out of the gym. Though there are, of course, alternatives.

Above, check out our picks for the best workout clothes for every budget.

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