The Alber Elbaz x LeSportsac Collab Is Fashion Magic, Sealed With a Kiss

What happens when the creative genius behind Lanvin‘s rise to fame in the last decade designs casual nylon bags? Fashion magic with lots of hearts and kisses.

The fashion world is surprised yet delighted with the unexpected return of Alber Elbaz via a collaboration with LeSportsac. With the title “Sealed With a Kiss,” the designer infused exuberance and style with the staple nylons of LeSportsac. From large carry-on luggage to cute, heart-shaped key chains, Elbaz designed each one with love.

“If we inject more love into fashion, and less fear, we have a beautiful reason to wake up every morning. LeSportsac is fun, colorful and modern — it makes me smile every time,” said Elbaz. This collaboration makes us smile, too. As the designer said, it’s time to have a beautiful reason to wake up every morning by, of course, owning one of these bags. See the handpicked pieces you’ll certainly want to get your hands on in the slideshow above.