2010 is beginning to look like the year we let our hair down and give our boyfriends back their clothing – thanks to YSL, we finally have our own guy garb. 

Highbrow fashion has a history of fascination with the union of sexes.  Tilda Swinton, the actress and designer muse, is nearly a synonym of androgyny chic; in 2009 she appeared on the cover of bi-annual tomes Another magazine (Spring/Summer 2009) and Acne Paper (9th Issue, Art & Spirituality).  Both times, she appeared in her signature pale-faced form, hair cropped short and slicked back, recognizable as female only because she is, after all, Tilda Swinton.


Recession-era fashion has left a residue, but Spring/Summer 2010 editorials have moved from mountains to beaches.  Lara Stone’s “Gypsy Girl” spread in the January issue of British Vogue has us parting our locks in pigtails, rethinking our annual Winter haircuts altogether. 

Speaking of Spring cleaning, we’d all boycott Sephora if we could look like the fresh-faced Stone every morning; however, Daria Werbowy looks luscious on the cover of February’s Paris Vogue, with red hot lips (and yes – her hand is running through a wild mane).

Between Swinton’s hard lines and Lara Stone’s supple femininity is Stefano Pilati’s unisex collection for YSL, inspired by Pilati’s Spring collection for men and YSL’s archetypal Le Smoking Tux.  We still aren’t shopping like we used to, but we’re ditching our flannels for nipped blazers and tucked shirts.

Cheers to feeling flush – our bank accounts might still be suffering, but it’s nice to see some color back on our faces.