H&M’s New Fall Collection Is for Everyone Who Loves Retro Fashion

Throwback fashion is at an all-time high. Everywhere we look, a brand or celebrity has something retro going on and, honestly, we love it. Nostalgia is a strong force and H&M’s new Studio Autumn/Winter 2018 collection has easily captured our fall-yearning hearts with it. What’s more, the line is heavily inspired by the 90s hit series Twin Peaks. It’s OK to scream.

H&M calls the range “Neo Noir Chic,” which you’ll immediately see in the campaign snapshots. Each piece is contemporary and fresh yet classic and reminiscent of iconic styles of the 50s and 80s. But what we love about it the most is its pronounced Twin Peaks feel. If you’re not familiar with the show, think of it as a 90s version of today’s Riverdale with Alice Cooper’s past life being that of a diner waitress. The knits and dresses in the line reference some of the drama’s characters and their sense of fashion, namely Donna Hayward and her alpine sweaters and Audrey Horne and her figure-flattering dresses — timeless pieces and retro fashion at its best.

Whether you’re a fan of the American mystery drama or you just love all things vintage, this is the fall collection to splurge on. Head over to the H&M website or click on the slideshow to start shopping our picks.

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