22 Statement Belts That Will Jazz Up Even the Most Boring Coats

A white hot statement belt FTW.

A white belt with an oversized buckle will make anything new again; Image: Imaxtree

The street style outside the Spring 2019 shows was full of little sartorial nuggets: statement earrings are huge, hoodies are staples during layering season and patterned pants will set you apart even on below-zero days. But there was a microtrend that might have gone undetected.

Wrap up a cozy coat with a statement belt.

Secure your favorite teddy coat with a knotted statement belt; Image: Imaxtree

Many street style folks opted to wrap up their coats with statement belts. And we’re not talking about the belts that already come with the coats. Whether it’s a big white belt holding together a brown jacket or a perforated belt knotted to keep a fluffy coat closed, the trick is a great way to make an old coat feel like new again. And a way to wear something designer without busting your budget. (The belts currently on offer are ah-mazing.)

Break out your favorite blue belt.

A bright blue belt really makes a statement; Image: Imaxtree

Behold, these are the 22 best belts to upgrade any coat…or blazer, or cardigan