Name: Jonathan Zawada


Age: 29

Location: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Freelance graphic designer


When and why did you first start your blog? How has it changed since then?

I made my first fashion equation as an entry on a now defunct blog that we had for a label that I do called Trust Fun! Trust Fun also incorporates the fashion comic Petit Mal, and I think Fashematics stemmed from the idea of breaking down fashion into a series of comical entities or events. The blog has changed as I realized that so much of pop culture can be reviewed with an equation. ie: I thought the new Cheeseburger deluxe at McDonalds tasted just like a steak mixed with a cupcake!

How do you decide what to post?

If I see something that reminds me of two other things, I make the equation, run it past my wife to see if she finds it funny or just stares at me blankly. Either way, it gets posted.

Balenciaga F/W 2010

What fashion sites and blogs do you read daily?

None, other than at collection times. My wife spends most of her time looking at a variety of them, so I occasionally glance over and that seems to keep me more than up to date.

What’s your favorite season for fashion?

Duck season.

Gianfranco Ferre F/W 2010

Who reads your blog? Do you pay a lot of attention to reader feedback?

Good question! I’m not sure who the reader is. I do like to receive comments though, and I definitely pay attention to feedback, but only when it’s positive. When its negative, I seriously consider stopping the blog altogether.

Is there anything that you’d like to change about your blog eventually?

I would like to have a section where I can upload the many equations that people send me of their own doing, or possibly some way for people to be able to write funny captions or titles. That all sounds like a lot of work, though, and I can barely keep up with things as they are, so who knows.

Hussein Chalayan F/W 2010