The Secret to Dressing When Spring Has an Identity Crisis

As soon as the mercury rises, we are eager to shed our heavy layers and embrace the lighter pieces of spring. So the idea of wearing tall and over-the-knee boots into the warmer weather can seem a bit backward. Wearing shorter white boots or cowboy boots makes more sense, but why wear tall boots if we don’t have to? Especially when we’ve been wearing them all last season, right?

Image: Imaxtree

Sporting tall boots is actually a great hack to start wearing new season stuff during the unpredictable temperatures. Tall boots function like tights in that they allow us to wear higher hemlines when it’s too nippy for bare legs. The high boots also help ground floaty fabrics and spring’s pastels and floral prints. Furthermore, tall boots are welcome when we still have to deal with messy, thawing street slush. And it’s always nice to get more wear out of our wardrobes while looking appropriate for the season.

Worried about looking too wintery? Take inspiration from the streets with these 18 ideas on how to stylishly transition into spring with tall boots.

Images: Imaxtree

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