25 Gorgeous Hoop Earrings to Upgrade Every Outfit

All kinds of hoops.

Hoop earrings via street style; Image: Imaxtree

Studs used to be the default earring style for any occasion. A few seasons back, we collectively started feeling hoops, hoops and more hoops. We wanted more of an ear party, but we didn’t want something as finicky as ear cuffs. Hoop earrings are fun, versatile and classic — the triple threat of accessories. Earring trends like flower styles, skinny drop earrings and mismatched designs might have piqued our interest, but we still have a large section of our jewelry boxes devoted to hoops and the infatuation shows no signs of stopping.

Small, large or supersized, gold, silver or multicolored, beaded or minimalist, open or curving — there are endless hoop styles to choose from. And the places to wear hoops are just as varied. Hoops go from brunch to work to a hot date. There are some all-around styles that cover every kind of occasion.

If you’re looking to expand your earring wardrobe, we’ve rounded up some knockout styles for play and some chic ones for work — and some that work for either and everything in between.

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