Mix It Up: Stunning Gold and Silver Jewelry to Polish Off Any Look

Mixing gold and silver jewelry has always been labeled a fashion no-no. Even when it came to the Insta-popular act of layering necklaces. But with the start of a new decade comes a fresh perspective. After all, everything from fanny packs to wearing socks with sandals has gone from faux pas to fashion must in the last few years.

Mixed metal jewelry lets you have the best of both worlds. From rings to hoop earrings and even glitzy necklaces, gold and silver go surprisingly well together. Plus, they make it easy to add on since you can work in more gold or more silver or more mixed jewelry. (Feel free to keep the contradiction going by layering silver over gold or vice versa.)

Check out the slideshow above for the best mixed metal jewelry that’ll add a bit of bling to any outfit.