She Bangs: Splitting Hairs with Ryan Nickulas

Hi Sugars! Can you believe it’s already mid-Summer? The days are just flying by! Recently, I was at an event and got to thinking about hair (of course!) when I saw a perfectly lovely lady…but all I could think about was that she was missing something. While secretly scanning her long, lush locks, it occurred to me that something was an accessory but not in the way you think! She had the cute clutch, dazzling jewels, and killer sky-high heels down pat—all she needed was a little extra Hollywood glam. That’s where this beauty insider secret comes in play: clip-in top pieces and bangs. Here’s the lowdown on these key pieces I keep in my style arsenal.

Kim Kardashian bangs

Kim Kardashian goes from bangs to no bangs in just a few days. Images: Nikki Nelson/ and Adriana M. Barraza/


Ever found yourself coveting the coifs spotted on the red carpet? You’re not alone! Although it may look like every last starlet has a head full of lush, sexy volume, that’s simply not the case. Instead, they probably have a really great stylist and access to a pro-approved top piece. Top pieces are great for both adding volume and layers to any look. All you have to do is clip them in and you’ve got sexy crown lift and body—instantly! I love the ones from Top Secret Haircessory because they look uber-natural since they’re made from 100% human hair and are truly high quality. Most women can benefit from adding one, whether it’s due to thinning hair, fine hair or just wanting to give your look a lift. Think of it as the ultimate A-list accessory!

Jennifer Lopez with bangs

Jennifer Lopez loses the bangs just days later. Images:, A.Miller/


Bangs are so hard to keep everyday in the summer. Avoid looking like a hot mess when it’s sweltering outside (c’mon, you’ve seen the girls with their icky fringe stuck to their foreheads in sweaty pieces) by opting for clip-in bangs. Pop them in for an instant look that won’t frizz or curl up! Plus, you can test out heavy, blunt bangs or choppy fringe—all without the commitment of making the cut. It’s best to choose pieces that you can take to your stylist to have cut, colored or styled to blend in with your natural hair…that way, no one will know your bangs aren’t faux real!

All the celebrities shown here went from rocking bold bags one day to fringe-free the next!

Jennifer Love Hewitt with bangs

Jennifer Love Hewitt tries on some bangs. Images:, Apega/