The 5 Best Game of Thrones YouTube Beauty Tutorials to Tide You Over Until Next Season

Recover from The Red Wedding, pay homage to your favorite Game of Thrones character, and pick up some super on-trend braiding techniques with this roundup of YouTube hair tutorials based on the cult HBO series.

Game of Thrones might not be the first show you think of for beauty inspiration. Their hair department has said most of their job is making hair look grungy and caked in dirt and, as we know too well, blood. But the high born ladies of the series get some gorgeous and complicated-looking 'dos. 

Probably the most popular hairstyle on the series is Daenerys Targaryen's complex and ever-changing ice-blonde braids, so we've got two videos on her. The first, below, is from vlogger Evelina, who starred as Daenerys in a low-budget musical version of the literary series that inspired the HBO show. The hairstyle is the only thing simple about this video. The braid she shows is super easy, but the costuming and fantastical drama she put into the production deserve a nod. 

Perhaps the Khaleesi's most complex hairstyle was for the funeral and Pyre scene in season one. This hairstyle and video are a lot more in depth. YouTuber cerinebabyyish provides instructions for this specific style, and also refers to other videos for the individual components you need to master for this style, like the Dutch braid. This style would be great for a summer wedding. Way more interesting than an updo but still keeps hair off your neck.

Margaery Tyrell's feminine wiles disguise a major hunger for power. With that comes major hair – and major cleavage. But we can only help you with the hair. This video from LaDollyVita33 gives step-by-step instructions that take the mystery out of Margaery's cascading locks. It's easy to follow with big impact. Take a cue from Joffrey's indended and wear it with a dress with a cut-out back for maximum effect.

We love our YouTubers but thought we'd feature a professional tutorial as well. This video comes with a bonus makeup tutorial from MAC Cosmetics makeup artist Romero Jennings. Britney Williams from Bumble and Bumble then shows us how to get Cersei's waves. This is inspired by Cersei's casual, hanging-around-the-castle style. 

We'd love to show you Sansa's wedding hairstyle, but that is like a Ren Faire level statement. Also, no one's done any videos on it yet as they're clearly reeling from the fate of most of the rest of her family last week. A more wearable style is Arya Stark's Season One hair from before she chopped it all off. As vlogger silvousplaits points out, this style is perfect for messy hair you don't feel like brushing out.