How Does Lubov Azria Stay So Gorgeous? The Designer Lets Us In On a Few Of Her Secrets

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Staying in shape is a big part of my life – once I’m up, I want to work out both my body and my mind. I’ve started watching TED Talks on the treadmill as I find that it helps the miles fly by and I end up feeling fit and inspired. I also work out with a trainer for added motivation.

People often ask me how, with all of my responsibilities, I find time to work out, to which I always say, it’s not about finding time, it’s about MAKING time. In tandem with that, water is an incredibly important part of my diet and I just recently found out that the best water grows on trees, so coconut water is now on my list of beauty essentials, along with Aquaphor Lip Balm and Dr. Lancer products. I’m sensitive to anything that has too much fragrance in it, so I make a point to avoid any artificially fragranced products.

Given my hectic schedule, it's also imperative that I fuel properly. I can’t live without my morning green juice and some South African Rooibos tea — nothing like antioxidants to start the day right! I like to fuel up with raw foods and, of course, caffeine. My last diet must-have has to be tabasco because I love giving my dinners a spicy kick. Overall, however, when it comes to my diet, I'm drawn to food that’s less complicated; ingredients should be words we learned in grade school, not bio tech labs. That's not, however, to say that I’m an angel! A block of dark chocolate is often an afternoon snack. It also helps that while my husband, Max Azria, and I are not always on the same page, we are in the same book and he appreciates how much I work out!