These Double Bun Hairstyles Prove Two Are Better Than One

There comes a point when everyone reaches peak top knot. You can only go so long wearing your locks in the same style before you start feeling like you’re in a hair rut. Even if you were once obsessed with your top knot, you may find yourself looking for fresher styles. What’s a girl to do then? You don’t need to abandon the knotted hairstyle completely. You can split it in two and try a trendy double bun look instead.

That’s right, your favorite 90s look is back. If you wore your hair in the same two buns hairstyle throughout most of the decade, you will be glad to know that there are more options to try this time. There are as many different ways to wear double buns as there are creative ways to wear a ponytail. From tightly braided knots to gravity-defying buns, you won’t be bored of this hairstyle for a while. And when you’re looking for something more, you can try a cool hair accessory or even a sprinkling of glitter. Click through the gallery for some double bun hair inspiration and you just may forget about your old top knot completely.

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