16 Runway Makeup Looks That’ll Convince You to Trade Your Matte Lipstick for Gloss

Images: Imaxtree

Fashion is having a nostalgic moment for decades gone by as looks with 80s, 90s and even early 2000s vibes (we see you, low-rise jeans) have graced many recent runways. Of course, beauty isn’t far behind. To wit: 90s supermodel hair is making a comeback, and brown lipstick and lip liner are in vogue again. And now, lip gloss is about to be the next big thing (again).

That’s right, our lip product of choice for school photos and slumber party makeovers is back. After years of hunting for the richest, most velvety matte lipsticks, we’re craving a lacquered pout once again. The good news is that the latest lip glosses still have plenty of liquid shine, but they don’t have the tacky, sticky finish you remember from middle school. Today’s lip glosses are also in keeping with our unicorn obsession as they come in glitter-packed and holographic versions.

Once you have an innovative lip gloss formula, the next step is incorporating it into your makeup look. Get inspired with these runway-approved ways to wear lip gloss.

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