8 Lip Cushions That Deliver a Flawless Finish

The world of beauty cushions has expanded beyond the aptly named cushion compacts. Over the last few years, Korean beauty’s influence has seen cushion applicators show up on a variety of products, from eyeshadows to concealers to lip products. Lip cushions, in particular, are having a moment with brands like NYX and Clinique recently launching their own versions.

Pillowy lip cushions are like shrunken-down versions of the puffs seen in cushion compacts. Give the product’s tube a squeeze and the lip color will go through the porous cushion, leaving behind a lightweight kiss of color. The formulas will vary slightly from product to product but lip cushions are a favorite K-beauty pick for achieving a trendy blurred lip with just a few dabs. If you’re looking for something extra, continue dotting the cushion for a pigmented look with a pretty, powdery, matte finish.

Another reason we love lip cushions is they’re as easy to apply as a lip balm or gloss. Simply dab on the product — there’s no need for lip brushes, liner or complicated lip contouring.

Want to expand your makeup bag with a lip cushion? Scroll through the gallery to see some of the best picks.

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