Why You Should Consider Swapping Liquid Shampoo for a Solid Shampoo Bar

Soap bars have quickly gone from the thing that only dads use to being a prized item among beauty fans thanks to new formulas that celebrate clean ingredients, small-batch production, delicious scents and sharp shapes. Add in the fact that soap bars are portable and don’t take up precious space in a shower caddy and it becomes apparent why they are changing many people’s beauty routines. Building on the bar revival, shampoo bars are showing that liquid shampoo isn’t our only option.

Shampoo bars, or solid shampoos as they are sometimes called, are specifically formulated for use on hair. They not only help you achieve soft, shiny hair, but solid shampoos also show the often-neglected scalp some TLC by boosting circulation and exfoliating to remove buildup and flakes. Even better, many double as body soap for the ultimate all-in-one convenience.

Since solid shampoos don’t need to be stored in plastic containers, they get a green star for being eco-friendly. Most formulas are also natural, cruelty-free, organic, vegan and free of known irritants. Additionally, the solid composition doesn’t require the preservatives liquid formulas often need. And because a shampoo bar is made with little-to-no water, it has a more concentrated formula, which means less product is needed when shampooing. In fact, a solid shampoo bar can last longer than a couple of bottles of liquid shampoo.

There might be an initial adjustment period going from a liquid to a solid shampoo bar, but it should be a smooth transition — for your beauty regimen and hair. Grab one of these best shampoo bars, massage it into hands or directly on your scalp and see why good things do come in small packages.

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