How to Wear Glitter From Head to Toe (No Matter Where You Fall on the Sparkle Spectrum)

Holographic, duochrome and unicorn beauty products are making it easy for us to get in on the glitter trend. Once we try the sparkly products, they’re often the gateway to a proper glitter obsession. We get hooked on disco ball shine and want more and more. That often leads to us wondering why should our faces get all the shimmer? Hair has been covered thanks to glitter roots and shimmering hairsprays, but we can’t forget our bodies if we want to truly glisten from head to toe. That’s where glitter body products come into play.

Most people likely haven’t worn body glitter since the 90s when it was as essential to a girl power look as hair mascara and flavored lip gloss. Like fashion, beauty trends are cyclical and eventually come around again. Ever the pioneer, Rihanna helped us realize just what we’ve been missing when she launched the glimmering Fenty Beauty Body Lava and Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom.

Some people are eager for the full sparkly treatment, but it’s understandable if you aren’t quite ready for a glitter bomb look just yet. No matter where you fall on the sparkle spectrum, there’s a prismatic body product to try. And whatever products you pick, know that the formulas are miles better than the scratchy, skin-irritating glitters we slathered on in our youth. So put on a miniskirt or a trusty pair of denim cutoffs and try one of these 11 glistening body glitter products.

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