10 Travel-Friendly Powder Face Masks That Can Be Tailored to Your Skin

Powder is a key feature in our makeup bags. We have loose setting powders, shine-minimizing pressed powders, powder foundations and a good selection of powder eyeshadows. Some beauty aficionados may even have lip powders. It’s less common to see powder in our skin care arsenal. It’s time that changed, especially on the mask front, because powder masks offer versatile, effective formulas and the chance to play beauty chemist.

Powder masks are mixed with a liquid (often water) until they form a paste that can easily be applied to your skin. The benefit of mixing the formula right before application is you’re getting a fresher, more potent mask because the ingredients are activated with the liquid. A dry, unmixed formula means most powder masks rely on natural ingredients and don’t require synthetic preservatives, which means they’re kinder to sensitive complexions. What’s more, the powder formula is better for traveling (no need to worry about TSA liquid guidelines) and storage.

Another benefit is powder masks can be tweaked depending on your skin’s needs and personal preferences. Users can play around with the quantity of liquid depending on their preferred mask consistency. You can also change up the base depending on your complexion problems. For example, some masks suggest using honey, apple cider vinegar, beaten eggs, milk, yogurt or even mashed avocado in the formulas. Each base will offer slightly different benefits along with the powder mask’s skin-nourishing ingredients.

Here are 10 powder face masks that offer countless customization options to address your skin concerns.

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