10 Travel-Friendly Cleansing Powders That Will Change the Way You Wash Your Face

Cleansers are having a bit of a moment. First, there was all that buzz around double cleansing. Then, the market was flooded with all kinds of innovative formulas, including jelly cleansers, cleansing stickswhipped mousse formulas and cleansing balms. After all, who doesn’t want fresh, clear skin? Well, now there’s another formula to add to your cleansing arsenal: powders.

Like ampoules and essences, cleansing powders are another Korean beauty product that has made its way to the States, to the delight of skin care enthusiasts. Cleansing powders have a grainy texture, similar to loose powder or sand, and offer mild physical exfoliation along with enzymes to dissolve dead skin, dirt and oils, and to promote luminosity. Unlike the average exfoliating scrub, powders are gentle enough to be used daily.

Powder cleansers are activated in the presence of water, so it’s possible to tweak the consistency depending on how thorough of an exfoliation is needed. For instance, a coin-size amount of powder on damp hands will help buff dry, scaly patches and deliver thorough exfoliation. If skin is fairly smooth, add more water so the powder turns into a foam or paste for more gentle exfoliation. To maximize exfoliation from the enzymes in the cleanser, Jude Chao, aka Fiddy Snails and marketing director at Beautytap, suggests letting the product sit on skin for a minute or so before rinsing.

The unique powder formula earns major points for travelers because it doesn’t count toward TSA liquid limits. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about leaks. There are even some versions that come in one-time-use sachets that are perfect for stashing in carry-ons.

Another pro is that cleansing powders often contain fewer preservatives because there’s no water in the formula. Foaming agents are also absent from many cleansing powders, which minimizes the risk of irritation — good news for those with sensitive skin.

Ready to give powder cleansers a try? Click through the gallery above for our favorites.

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