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Angela Bassett Deserved Better Than This November Cover of Allure

Allure has had its fair share of hits and misses this year. Rihanna gave the beauty-focused magazine a winner of a cover last month, as did Bella Hadid on the all-important September issue. But there have also been a series of disappointing covers featuring the likes of Lily James, Janelle Monae and Sasha Lane. Now, as the magazine unveils its November 2018 issue, it’s landed back in the red with a shockingly bad Angela Bassett cover. Photographed by Sharif Hamza and styled by Jaime Kay Waxman, the 60-year-old actress suits up in a gray plaid double-breasted jacket and trousers from Joseph — and we genuinely don’t know how Allure managed to get it oh so wrong.

Allure November 2018 : Angela Bassett by Sharif Hamza


Our forum members were left speechless — almost. “Ugh, this had potential,” sighed RMDV the second the cover came to light.

“Wow, how, HOW do you ruin Angela mot****** Bassett!!!! Shame on them, she can photograph million times better than this, and she deserved a better cover, but at least they gave her one. Still, sigh!” complained Miss Dalloway.

“Ugh, it had so much potential but ultimately failed due to bad decisions. Who even thought that was a good cover shot?” asked dodencebt.

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“How do you manage to make Angela Bassett look bad?! It’s such a lackluster shot and the stylist should be sacked – that suit looks terribly unflattering,” 333101 chimed in.

Benn98 wasn’t best pleased either. “Crikey, what’s happening with her mouth? Hamza should be sacked for this, or whoever did the retouching. They’ve done her wrong here. She looks better in person. Can’t believe these shots passed so many people and nobody noticed this,” he ranted.

“Yeah her expression is a bit off… shame cause she’s such a stunning woman,” voiced Marc10.

“I feel like I should be celebrating it, but that cover shot does nothing to celebrate all that she is – a great-looking woman and a force of nature on the screen,” wrote tigerrouge.

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