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Emilia Clarke Appears Uncomfortable in Valentino Haute Couture on Vogue Spain’s May 2019 Cover

Emilia Clarke doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to captivating magazine covers (the proof being Vogue China, British Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour). But we haven’t seen the British actress down at the newsstand for a hot minute (her last notable appearance being for Vanity Fair back in 2018) and we’re wondering if Emilia’s luck is about to change. Joining the Game of Thrones hype, Vogue Spain makes Emilia its cover girl for May 2019 as she poses before the lens of Thomas Whiteside with stylist Simon Robins dressing her in a showstopping Valentino haute couture creation.

Vogue España May 2019 : Emilia Clarke by Thomas Whiteside


The cover was immediately declared a flop. “She looks uncomfortable. Wasted potential,” stated MON the second the cover dropped.

“Her expression is just so blank and I don’t like how her head is cropped. This could have been a stunner, but all I see is yellow wrapping paper,” mepps chimed in.

“The dress is wearing her,” declared Nomar.

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Also majorly underwhelmed was tigerrouge: “In print, she comes across as so ordinary, right down to her fingertips. That doesn’t detract from her acting nor her appeal, but it means there’s nothing ‘there’ when it comes to a fashion shoot.”

KissMiss shared the same sentiments, “This dress requires stronger expression… otherwise it’s all you end up noticing.”

“I love Emilia, I love the concept and composition. But the problem with her is the same that (almost) all of us have with Alicia Vikander: she’s so stunning, but her facial expressions don’t do her justice,” said jorgepalomo.

Slayage, however, couldn’t disagree more. “I really like this one, fresh and clean. That Valentino dress literally screams spring. I don’t think it’s the most memorable cover, but at least it’s suitable for spring.”

“See, a model would have carried this, an actual model, not the Insta ones! But I still don’t hate it. For once she doesn’t look confused, just a little uncertain,” voiced Miss Dalloway.

Another miss for Emilia? See the whole cover shoot and share your thoughts here.