Designer Lubov Azria’s Guide to Being the Best Packer Ever

Lubov Azria

image: Getty

I'm not even going to try and hide it, I'm an over-packer — it’s my opportunity to wear all my beach outfits or winter coats! With that said, packing wisely is essential.

Keep Some Items on Hangers

There are some things that will wrinkle just by sitting down. For those items, I find the best way to pack is to keep them on the hanger and place them inside a garment bag.

Choose Knits

Knits are great when traveling – T-shirts, leggings, sweater pieces (all things that you can layer on and off) and, of course, I always travel with a black signature Herve Leger dress.

Consider the Climate

When packing for warm weather I bring tunics in every color imaginable, sunscreen, leggings, a great dress that can translate from day to night with the change of shoes and a statement necklace and a swimsuit.

When packing for cold weather I take comfortable boots, leggings and pashminas. It's important, however, to remember that often the colder outside, the warmer inside – so dress in layers so you can regulate your temperature. 

Beauty Musts

Beauty-wise a confident attitude is always the key, I say, but I also always pack Aquaphor Lip Balm, Dr. Lancer products and a Bon Chic Fragrance.

Nylon Bags are Key

As for my carry-on and luggage, I like to grab an oversized nylon bag because it's easy to fill up, but just as easy to empty and pack away. I should say, however, that if I had the time and could travel by ship…I could easily fill a steam trunk.