Organize Your Closet in Style: Jill Martin Offers Her Tips


If you haven't worn the item in a year… it goes!

Organizing your closet can be a daunting task. After all, when you've got limited space and a growing wardrobe, it can be difficult to find creative ways to organize your clothes. Lucky for us, best-selling author, Emmy Award-winning television personality and fashion expert Jill Martin is coming to our rescue with a fashionable and functional collection of fashion organizational tools available on QVC, The Martin Project. We asked Jill to share her best tips and some of her fave pieces from the collection! 

theFashionSpot: When people think of cleaning out their closets, they typically envision spring cleaning. Why is fall such an important time to clean? 

Jill Martin: I treat fall cleaning the same way I treat spring cleaning. I am not sure why spring gets all the play! You should cleanse your closet and go through your wardrobe when the weather changes, keeping everything organized and in place. You should only have items in your closet you actually wear so when you sort through make SURE you stick to the rule: If you haven't worn the item in a year… it goes! (Consign, donate or give to a friend!) 


tFS: Letting go of clothes and accessories can be difficult! What's your best tip for making difficult decisions on what to get rid of? 

JM: I lay all of my favorite things on the bed: my favorite dress, my favorite pair of jeans, my favorite tops… and if the other items don't live up to those, they go! You should only keep 25% of what you currently have in your closet. You always pick your favorite things anyway so get rid of the clutter! Same goes with jewelry — I created the Favorite Dress Organizer that allows you to perfectly see 17 pairings of earrings and 16 cuffs or necklaces. Fill two of those up, then give away or consign those other pieces that you never choose.

Jill Martin Dress Bag and Jewelry Organizer at

Jill Martin Dress Bag and Jewelry Organizer at


tFS: It's hard to maintain a sense of order in your closet if you have limited space. What are your tips for making the most of your space? 

JM: It starts with cleaning and then you have to buy the perfect organizers for your needs. I love stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and the Container Store, but I was never able to find products that combined fashion AND function, so I invented them! I feel like my line gives women the ability to organize in a stylish way. I practice what I preach and it works for me.


tFS: It's definitely difficult to find your clothes if there's no sense of order in your closet. Do you have any tips for ways to organize? 

JM: I organize by type of clothing: my blazers go together, my pants in one place and so on. I keep all of my formal wear in a separate place as I don't have that many pieces and if I need something special I know where to go.


tFS: What are your favorite items in your QVC collection?

JM: Definitely the hangers. They are slim and are flocked so you gain 70% more room in your closet instantly. It is a very easy way to start your wardrobe makeover. Plus, when you open your closet it looks like a store — everything is uniform — a must!