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Watch: Is It OK to Photoshop Your Instagram Pictures? [theFashionDish]

With the help of a little Valencia or Nashville, Instagram was designed to make photo retouching a breeze. In addition to the included filters which make any selfie look better, a whole host of editing apps have popped up to offer a little digitally assisted nip and tuck where needed. And it’s not just mere mortals who are tinkering with their images, Beyoncé and Miranda Kerr have been called out for airbrushing an Instagram photo or two. DJ Kitty Cash is not a fan of the practice, but at least one of our Dishers goes on record and admits to having no problem uploading “a better version of me.” Tune in to our latest edition of theFashionDish in which we answer the age-old question: To Photoshop your Instagram, or not to Photoshop your Instagram?

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On the final evening of New York Fashion Week Fall 2015, we brought together seven incredible, outspoken industry insiders for our third season of theFashionDish. Hosted by Robert Verdi, watch in the coming weeks as our Dishers debate a number of thought-provoking and often controversial topics, including size diversity on the runways, Instamodels and the theater of fashion.

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