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Watch: Miss Piggy, Zosia Mamet and Leandra Medine Commit a Fashion Faux Pas in Kate Spade’s Latest Short

It’s hard to believe that Zosia Mamet, wearer of unconventional wedding dresses and Simone Biles-worthy glitter liner, would commit a fashion faux pas. But that she does in Kate Spade’s newest “Miss Adventure” skit. To be fair, though, it’s mostly her co-star and fellow brand face Miss Piggy’s fault.

Zosia — or “Zsa Zsa” as Piggy calls her — shows up for a holiday party at the Empire State Building in the same fuzzy, black-and-white spotted coat as her Francophile friend. The Girls star and stylish sow spend the next hundred-odd floors squabbling over their outfits and tearing apart their Kate Spade-filled gift bags (presumably intended for others), searching for ways to best one another in the accessories department. Somewhere between floors 43 and 66, Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine steps into the elevator and further complicates the situation. But, in the end, parties are reached and peace is restored.

Watch the full clip above.

[ via Fashionista ]