Brilliant Belt and Coat Pairings That Will Transform Your Winter Look

Outerwear can get…yawn, yeah? Sure there are beaucoup colors and styles to choose from. Fur or puffer, parka or ladylike. Chances are, you've owned each one of the major styles at some point, finding the best that suits you. After that, it's bring out for winter, wear, stow away, repeat. We've decided to bring all of our pieces to a whole new level of attention by, well, paying more attention to them and a certain section of our accessories wardrobe.

We're belting everything, showing off not only our sartorial senses, but giving outerwear consideration we haven't before — and breathing new life into a musty (I mean, favorite) standby. In honor of the new turn of our coats, here are some of the best coat and belt pairings we could find. Leopard and rich medium brown look smashing together. A chain belt brings a standard puffer vest to life. We found a pink and grey pairing that would make Raf Simons proud. So chic. Take a peep and then figure out which of your belts can pair with which coats in your closet.