Katie Cassidy: What’s In My Bag?

What’s in my bag? More like, what is not in my bag! My friends jokingly call me the bag lady because I DIE for bags. The bigger the better. Mary Poppins has nothing on me. If you were to take one look inside my tote, you’d find anything you’d need for just about any situation. I laugh, but it’s a problem. Just ask my chiropractor. 


For starters, I always carry around my “touch-up kit.” 

And that’s not all. I also have another little bag (I told you I was a bag lady), where I keep all of your usual purse essentials. (Sidenote: How amaze is this ‘New York is my Boyfriend’ case?)

Throw in a wallet, a few coins, a pair of sunglasses (this week’s pair are by Karen Walker), the keys to my car and my passport, and you’ve got one VERY heavy Givenchy. But the good news? I'm ready for anything.