12 Things Only a Fashion Girl Will Understand

Do you eat, sleep and breathe fashion? It’s time to find out. Because testing you is loving you.

1. You know the start date of New York Fashion Week, but you have no idea when your best friend’s birthday is. 

2. The only Italian you’ve picked up is “Scusa, lei sta occupando il mio posto in prima fila.” Translation: Excuse me, you’re in my front row seat. 

3. You involuntarily cringe when people mispronounce Nicolas Ghesquière.

4. You think a $450 white cotton tee totally makes sense.

5. You secretly googled “on fleek.”

6. You took up jujitsu to prepare for the Manolo Blahnik sample sale.  

7. You’re the only one wearing a leather jacket in 76-degree weather because it goes with your outfit.

8. You commonly use acronyms like AOP, OTK and TDF — and know what they mean.

9. You’re well aware that a good show in “the Tents” doesn’t refer to a sexcapade at a campground. 

10. The only time you paid attention to Greece’s debt crisis was when Karl Lagerfeld drew a cartoon about it.

11. You held an emotional moment of silence the day @OscarPRGirl stepped down. #EndofanEra

12. You know that Acne Studios is not, in fact, a spa to combat problem skin.