How to Nail the 70s Trend This Fall — Without Going Overboard

The 70s have long been described as “the decade that style forgot” but designers are on a mission to change that mindset. For the past two seasons, the sartorial hallmarks of the disco era have flooded the runways; bell-bottoms, shearling, suede, bohemian dresses — you name it, we’ve seen it. Of course, the silhouettes have been tweaked and the warm color palette anchored by burnt orange, mustard and avocado has broadened its spectrum. But most of the improvements have come from what’s not on the runway. Those eyebrow-raising hot pants, for instance, are nowhere in sight. Ditto for velour track suits, glitter one-pieces and macrame jewelry. Best of all, polyester has all but disappeared. Now this is a version of the 70s we can get behind.

To learn how to pull off the 70s fashion trend this fall without looking like an extra on Three’s Company, click on the gallery above.

 Images: Imaxtree