Winter Fashion: 20 Chic Ways to Style Warm Clothes

Bundling up in style is the ultimate winter fashion conundrum. Once the temperature drops, the last thing you want to think about is what’s “trending.” And drop it has. In case you haven’t gotten the memo, felt the sub-zero chill or seen President Trump’s latest global-warming-denouncing tweet, it’s shaping up to be an especially cold one.

Still, we beg of you: stay cozy, but don’t resign yourself to a life of thermal leggings and duck boots. As temperatures plunge to the single digits, we’re sharing some of our own best-kept seasonal — and sartorial — secrets. Call it a winter fashion advisory.

Seeing as it’s freezing outside, why not wear your best blanket as a scarf? Add some warmth to your outfit with an earful of tropical-themed jewelry? Try out some Demna Gvasalia-worthy, anything-goes layering tricks? (For instance, wear a crewneck tee over a flannel over a hoodie. Strangely, it works.)

All this to say, there are plenty of ways to look cool and stay warm. (Moncler bubble suit, anyone?) Jokes aside, click through the slideshow above for 20 chic, wearable ways to master winter fashion. Then go forth and carpe the cold-ass diem.

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