9 Online Resellers You Need to Bookmark Right Now

In the beginning, we only had eBay — and don’t get us wrong, our love affair with the OG online reseller is still going strong. In the past five years or so, however, numerous new online consignment shops have popped up to fill the curated fashion resale void. Our beloved eBay remains vast and booming with possibilities but it requires sifting, varying degrees of size guesswork (our trick is to go big and keep a trusty tailor on call) and a keen eye. “I think that eBay is obviously a sensationally successful marketplace in business, but less and less specialised as a result of that,” Danny Rimer said in a 2013 interview with The Business of Fashion. (At the time, Rimer, a general partner at Index Ventures, had recently joined the board of directors of 1stdibs.) He continued, “Smaller, more specific subsegments don’t get the type of following or focus that they need. All these elements could be on eBay, but the buyer is actually looking for a better environment. They want the selection to be done for them.”

Cut to 2016 and there’s a wealth of optimal environments out there for buying and selling used clothing. The pragmatic millennial minds that put the same level of thought into purchasing a handbag as they do into leasing a car have turned to the resale market to fuel and feed their appetite for luxury and vintage (hello, 70s, 80s and 90s fashion trend revivals) at relatively budget-friendly price points. Sites with authenticated products, detailed size guides, professionally-styled photos and standardized (sometimes even pre-paid!) shipping methods not only work hard to find vintage and used clothing to suit trends and sensitivities, they make the buying process as friction-free as a trip to Zara.

Which sites are these you ask? Whether you’re an interested shopper or looking to unload your wares, click through the slideshow above for our favorite online consignment shops and resellers of the moment.

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