5 Fashion Items That Were Ugly Until Celebs Wore Them

Celebrities have the kind of influence that turns totally unfashionable items fashionable. Whether it’s their innate sense of style or a really good stylist, they help us see the potential of a certain fashion item and how we can style it ourselves. Their fashion confidence is a lesson that we shouldn’t be afraid to wear something (especially if we really like it) just because someone else might think it’s ugly or too much. You do you.

Whenever celebs like Rihanna or Ariana Grande post OOTDs on Instagram featuring something we initially thought was hideous, our opinion immediately changes and we proceed to imagine how the outfit would look on us. It’s like stars are saying, “Don’t knock it until you style it.”

Here are five fashion items we thought were ugly until celebs decided they weren’t. Check out the slideshow for similar picks you can shop and give “ugly” fashion your best shot. You never know what trend you might end up setting.

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