20 Ways to Wear Black That Aren’t Boring

Images: Imaxtree

Black is timeless, black is chic and black is flattering. If we’re being honest, black can also be a little boring. “Classic” black can really just be a nice way of saying “boring” black. Additionally, an all-black look doesn’t have the same impact as wearing head-to-toe Gen Z yellow or hot pink. But we get the appeal of the inky shade. It can hide a multitude of stains, is flattering, safe and appeals to the teenage mall goth in us. We’re not here to encourage you to break away from wearing black completely — we just want you to kick all-black looks up a notch.

An all-black color palette is the perfect opportunity to experiment with accessories, fabrics, finishes and silhouettes, And if you want to add a spot of color into the ensemble, we highly encourage you to do so. Think black and think bold and draw inspiration from these 20 unique ways to wear black clothes.

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