5 Ways to Get Away With Loungewear at Work

In case you haven’t heard, loungewear, cousin to athleisure, is now seriously mainstream. The chic yet laid-back aesthetic of a pair of silk Gucci pajamas paired with a fresh blowout and a tote is the hottest look of the season.

But the key to the perfect loungewear ensemble lies in the details. You can’t just step out in a two-year-old sweatshirt — you have to be intentional about it. And if loungewear can be the next big thing in street style, it can also totally be a part of your work look.

Loungewear is all about polarity. A sharp blazer with a thin turtleneck sweatshirt or a caped shrug paired with your old Juicy Couture tracksuit looks high-end and experimental, not sloppy. And, of course, our favorite good ol’ matching pajamas with a quirky third element, like a kimono shrug or a leather jacket, will always get the fashion set’s approval. Here are the best ways you can wear loungewear to work.

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