5 Indie Brands You Need to Reboot Your Wardrobe

This season, don’t shop for a wardrobe, shop for an aesthetic. You can pick your own thing — be it sustainability, radical normcore, politically charged clothing or just relaxed pantsuits. Yes, picking all four is an option. But it’s time to leave out the oh-so-popular brands with those mass-produced snakeskin skirts and switch to newer, more hardworking labels.

Fast fashion has had an incredible evolution in the last few years and has only got more inclusive with up-and-coming brands adding their global cred to the industry. Brands like Réalisation Par and N°21 are now almost mainstream owing to their massive success and runway hits. There are other labels redefining androgyny, making strides in size inclusivity, giving sustainable fashion a go and at the same time working Instagram like stars.

For your holiday wardrobe, skip Zara and Topshop and look at other more diverse labels. Preferably ones that stock more than one silhouette. There, we said it. Here are the best indie brands you need to pay attention to STAT.

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