15 Cozy Popcorn Sweaters That Make Winter Better

As the name implies, popcorn knits have the texture of our favorite snack. Popcorn cardigans and sweaters have seen a huge surge this season in part from the continuation of the cardigan trend and because of the knit’s delightful textured pattern. Interpretations like popcorn stitch accents add an interesting nubby pop to a plain knit. There are also all-over popcorn designs, which make sweaters and cardigans appear that much more snuggly. More creative knits fuse popcorn stitches with cable-knit designs, open weaves and eyelash textures for more fun winter warmth.

Popcorn cardigans and sweaters are perfect for cozy weekends when you still want to maintain some semblance of chic. The textured knits are also great for Netflix and chill — possibly with an *actual* bowl of popcorn. In terms of practicality, popcorn cardigans and sweaters will help protect from brisk winter winds and they can be layered with polos, turtlenecks and blouses with ease. Did we already mention how comfortable they are?

Get your winter wardrobe poppin’ in these 15 comfy-chic popcorn sweaters and cardigans.

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