Spring Must-Haves to Fill Your Newly Kondo-ed Closet With Joy

Spring cleaning is officially on hiatus this year. That’s because so many of us jumped the gun after watching cleaning out your closet life guru Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo premiered New Year’s Day, leading to a premature wave of decluttering.

With her innovative only-keep-what-brings-you-joy approach, fans went through their entire wardrobes and probably offloaded a ton of stuff. Some are even Kondo-ing (yes, it’s now a verb) their finances, inboxes and love lives. And while we’d all like to think we’ll stick with our new organized way of life, truth is, as soon as there’s a shoe sale, we’re back to square one.

Now that you’ve got some free closet space, why not invest in items you won’t need to toss in a year? Here are 33 perfect-for-spring pieces you’ll still be fawning over come fall.

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