Fitness-Obsessed Models and the Workouts They Love

This isn’t the 90s when models acted as though they lived off vodka and cigarettes. This also isn’t 2006 when the only option for a studio workout was SoulCycle. “I think this is the first generation of models that really work out. And by work out, I mean they work out like athletes. They treat their bodies like the investments they are,” Michael Olajide, Jr., who trains countless Victoria’s Secret models, told us. A big part of this shift can be attributed to the lingerie giant. It’s speculated that all of the brand’s models are “contractually obligated to show a healthy lifestyle on social media, which is why you see so many Instagram shots of them working out.”

While working out like a model doesn’t necessarily correlate with actually looking like one, a tough workout certainly never hurt anyone. Here’s a look at the top model workouts and the gyms where you just might find yourself sweating it out next to an Angel.

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