Kristin Cavallari: Your Body Looks Better Than You Think + 10 More Things Every Twentysomething Should Know

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

There are pros and cons to being on television in your 20s, especially if you’re on a reality show. While it’s fun and you get to have cool experiences you never thought you would, it is kind of crazy to make mistakes and have all your #twentysomethingproblems on television for the world to see. No doubt, being in my 20s was a learning experience, some of which I want to pass on to you today. Besides, what’s the point of learning if you can’t use your knowledge to help someone else?

Below, 11 lessons I learned that every twentysomething needs to know.

  1. Enjoy every second because it flies by.
  2. Your body looks better than you think.
  3. Start using eye cream.
  4. If you think he’s lying, he probably is.
  5. Always trust your gut.
  6. Do squats.
  7. Don’t show too much skin; either legs or cleavage, never both at the same time. 
  8. It’s OK to be vulnerable and put yourself out there — don’t let a little rejection scare you.
  9. Go after what you want.
  10. Always be yourself, never aim to please someone else.
  11. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet!