How to Mix Black and Brown Like a Style Guru

Images: Imaxtree

Some perfect pairings just make sense and should not be questioned, like peanut butter and jelly and salt and pepper. The same goes for fashion. Consider jeans and a T-shirt, a structured jacket with tailored pants and neutral bottoms with a colorful top. They’re no-fail looks that always deliver, hence their appeal. One chic pairing that some may forget about is combining black and brown, and we say that it’s time that changed.

Black is a timeless, sophisticated shade that dominates many of our wardrobes. And brown is a rich, equally versatile hue. When combined, we get something effortless and chic without having to worry about whether our colors match; these two neutrals will always play well together.

For the record, brown doesn’t simply mean chocolate brown. We get the luxurious appeal of a deep, rich brown and stark black, but there are many brown shades that will work, from café au lait to fawn. Similarly, black isn’t restricted to blackest black. Experiment with different tones, from faded ones to blue-based blacks. And don’t overlook how different fabrics and finishes can take a lewk to the next level. Think: patent fabrics, sequins, fuzzy accents and arts and crafts embellishments.

One of the simplest ways to experiment with mixing black and brown is with traditional animal prints. Given the current popularity of snakeskin, tiger and leopard prints, you can tick off two trends in one chic look. If you’re going in this direction, we encourage you to mix different patterns and incorporate solid pieces for a multidimensional look that truly slays.

Click through the gallery to see 21 elegant ways to combine black and brown that definitely aren’t boring.

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