Channel Your Inner Misty Copeland With Gorgeous Dancewear-Inspired Pieces

Leggings on the street.

The leggings make the look; Image: Imaxtree

No one expected athleisure to become the behemoth trend — or rather, lifestyle — it turned into. It has led to glamleisure, chunky sneakers and the bike short trend, with the last one getting a leg up from the Kardashians. The latest iteration for spring is dancewear. It’s a trend we’ve been building up to with the rise of leggings, bodysuits, sheer socks and dresses and, of course, millennial pink.

Dance, particularly ballet, has been a reoccurring source of inspiration for many designers. It was evidently on a few minds at the Spring 2019 shows. The mood was less Jazzercise and disco and more pure balletic grace. Maria Grazia Chiuri set the barre by kicking off Paris Fashion Week with her Christian Dior show inspired by modern dance. It was complete with a dance performance choreographed by Sharon Eyal. The show fused fashion dancers wear on and off duty with muted neutrals, headbands, tights, bodysuits and flowing silhouettes getting plenty of attention.

Off-White Spring 2019.

Tutus got a high fashion upgrade at Off-White Spring 2019; Image: Imaxtree

The dance sentiment appeared in varying degrees on other runways with tulle and subdued neutrals being popular picks. Acne Studios added a sporty touch via leg warmers and graphic T-shirts and bags riffed on the New York City Ballet. Off-White showed its signature frothy tutus and bodysuits.

As much as we might like the idea of dancewear on the daily, the goal isn’t to look like we’re attending barre class or on the way to a performance. Not many people, save Carrie Bradshaw, can wear a tutu every day, either, so start with a few dance-inspired pieces. Try billowing satin skirts, fluid shapes, wrap sweaters, blush (ballet pink), creamy tights, neutrals and light-as-air fabrics made for twirling. Feel free to wear your hair in a ballet bun and accessorize with timeless ballet flats. Those who want to wear tutus can balance the style with edgier pieces or wear full-on dresses come wedding season.

Step in time to the dancewear trend with these 19 wearable pieces.

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