13 Caffeinated Makeup Products to Give Your Face a Boost

Caffeine wakes us up in the morning, but its energizing properties also extend to beauty. Many of us are familiar with how tea– and coffee-rich skin care products can wake up our faces and eyes. But caffeine can also be found in makeup products to provide an extra boost, or should we say shot?

Makeup products with skin care benefits are becoming more popular with beauty brands combining color cosmetics with good-for-skin formulas so we get a gorgeous finish plus a little nourishment. Makeup products boasting caffeine are excellent examples. Eye makeup with caffeine is undoubtedly the most popular, but the ingredient can also be found in primers, setting sprays and even nail polishes.

The perks of caffeine in makeup are increased circulation, reduced puffiness and faster cellular activity, according to celebrity facialist and founder of the Joanna Vargas Salon and skin care collection Joanna Vargas. Caffeine is suitable for all skin types, but she cautions that it can sometimes have a dehydrating effect. Makeup products with caffeine aren’t made to penetrate skin so they won’t deliver as noticeable results compared to skin care products.

Those dealing with puffiness and fatigued complexions can look for moisturizing makeup and skin care formulas to invigorate skin. Go for a double shot by adding these 13 caffeine-rich makeup products to your beauty look.