6 Nail Trends From the Spring 2019 Runways That’ll Get You Out of Your Manicure Rut

Images: Imaxtree

Runway beauty is about more than hair and makeup — it’s a trifecta that includes nails. Exaggerated eyeliner, acid neon colors and floral headpieces may have grabbed our attention during the Spring 2019 shows, but not even all the drama happening above the neck could distract us from the manicures since there were many gorgeous looks at the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris to draw inspiration from.

Nail art is always a runway staple and it’s often where manicurists show just how imaginative they can be. At this round of shows, there were labor-intensive, jaw-dropping designs that are sure to earn spots in the manicure hall of fame. There were also easy nail art looks that those of us who aren’t artists can achieve. (Think glitter manicures and no-fuss graphic prints.)

In terms of colors, you may forget that it was the Spring 2019 season given the number of dark nail colors on display. It seems the seasons have done a flip-flop with pastels and electric shades currently trending for fall. If you’re wondering where all the cheer has gone, select shows made up for the somber tones with romantic pink and energizing yellow manicures.

Whether you’re searching for something joyful, moody, a little extra or want to put your manicure skills to the test, the Spring 2019 shows offered nail trends for everyone.

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