The Mother Earth-Approved Beauty Products You Need for a Zero-Waste Routine

When it comes to beauty products, effective formulas and gorgeous colors are at the top of the list. Next comes lush textures and highly Instagrammable packaging (gotta keep up the likes). While considering packaging, it’s worthwhile to think about our environmental impact. Those who want to keep their eco footprints down, reduce their waste and have gorgeous products they can use over and over should consider refillable beauty products.

Here’s how it works: After initially purchasing a full product, the “bones” of the product can be topped off with refillable makeup that use less energy to make. Because they use less natural resources and plastic, they often cost less, too. Win-win. Additionally, beauty product refills save people the heartbreak of throwing out or recycling a gorgeous empty package that they really, really like. (We’re looking at you, fancy perfume bottles.) Instead, the product can be in use for years to come.

And don’t let the idea of mess put you off refillable makeup. The clever packaging (read: magnets and easy pop in and pop out designs) means it couldn’t be easier to switch from an empty palette to a brand spanking new one without any waste, spills or eyeshadow streaks everywhere. What’s more, the option to choose means wearers can personalize their products by selecting the exact lipstick, eyeshadow and contour shades they want.

Those striving for less waste in their beauty routines can incorporate these refillable beauty and makeup products.

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