Yoga Skin Is the New Glass Skin

Can a true glow really be faked without a professional makeup artist skill set? Yes, according to the newest iteration of glass skin and Instagram’s latest obsession. Turns out, it just takes a few steps to get the most radiant, natural glow — or, as influencers are calling it, yoga skin.

It all started when U.K.-based makeup artist Sara Hill posted a step-by-step guide to a look she dubbed yoga skin. It’s a simple routine involving beauty products you probably already have, and it takes roughly three minutes. A few hours after Hill posted her tutorial, the beauty trend spread like any impressive makeup trick does.

The yoga skin technique makes your skin looks super hydrated, evens out your tone, and gives a seamless glow that looks like the real deal.

What do you need for yoga skin?

This up-and-coming beauty trend involves a handful of products — some primer, three to four pumps of liquid foundation, a drop of liquid highlighter, a drop of face oil, and some cream blush for the finishing touch. After prepping the skin with primer, mix the foundation, highlighter and facial oil in your palms, and apply it evenly on your face with your hands.

Know your tone

The trick to achieving the perfect yoga skin is, of course, knowing your skin tone. One wrong shade and you’ll go from post-yoga glow to oily Oompa Loompa. Opt for water-based sheer foundation, like Hill does, because it blends more easily.

What are the skin benefits?

Besides the lit-from-within glow, massaging the formula into your skin itself can up the luminosity factor. “It gets the circulation flowing, relaxes you, de-puffs, and makes the base sit better too,” writes Hill. “Build up in layers on top until you are happy with the coverage created.”

Say goodbye to the piled-on look

Yoga skin basically gives you a better alternative to layering makeup, so you don’t look like you’re wearing tons of products, much less five mixed together. Using facial oil for your base is actually a tried-and-tested method for glowy skin that many makeup artists swear by.

The finishing touch is adding a hint of color for that flushed, I-just-burned-500-calories look. “Add cream blush and cream bronzer if you wish,” writes Hill. “And you can set your face overall with powder too, use a small fluffy brush to do this or puff and keep the powder to a minimum and sheer. No baking please. If you wish to use setting spray make sure it’s alcohol free to give further hydration,” she advises.

Expect to see yoga skin on your feed

Several beauty bloggers tried on the yoga skin trend, and needless to say, it is catching on. Another U.K.-based beauty blogger Rose Hobbs tried the look using marula oil and a highlighting skin perfector.

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