11 Beauty Products to Help You Beat Jet Lag

Going on vacation? Lucky. Whether heading to Barcelona, Bali or Bangkok, jet-setters need to pack a good sunscreen. It’s also a wise idea to pack a first-aid kit and some emergency vitamin C booster for when the inevitable cold strikes. While filling up that suitcase, leave room for products that can help fight the signs of jet lag on the skin.

We may not be able to fully beat how we feel post-flight. We can guzzle water, take a bunch of supplements and natural remedies and try to stick with a proper sleep schedule, but the brain fog that comes with jet lag is hard to beat. With beauty, we have more control. We can select brightening, nourishing and calming products that can help skin adapt to a new climate. Some of the skin care products can be packed in carry-ons and applied on the plane to help combat dehydration and puffiness from the get-go.

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be fresh-faced and ready to take on the day — wherever that may lead. Start packing and bon voyage!

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